VirtualCueXmms is a plugin for xmms to read cue files.
Why this plugin? It can play several tracks in one Big File and make a Virtual Cutted. All the track can be played separetly and the user dont seek the cursor to search the track.
Lots of continu cd were ripped in one big file without gap between tracks. The problem with this big file is ton find the track that we liked or make playlisted with come track in this file. This plugin make a "Virtual cut" of your big file without cut it with another tools like mp3splt. It's very usefull for Mixed CD or Set of some DJ's.

I have make an example with one of my prefer cds Tiesto - In Search Of Sunrise 3

It's a mixed cd and I make a RIP in one big Mp3 file with cue:

Here the format of the cue files. It's a plaintext file with good header information

We open the cu file in xmms and played it:

The plugin make a Virtual Cue and draw all track in the cue files!

When we read the File Info informatin of a track in a cue files the we can see the cue file the index of the file and the time.

Finally you can create playlisted, changed the position of each track, delete some track and make playlisted of track in several cue!

Barraud Manuel Aka RTR

Lasted Version
You can download the lasted version here:
Download: virtualcuexmms-0.2

Uncompressed the file with:
tar xvfz virtualcuexmms_0.2-1.tar.gz
cd virtualcuexmms-0.2
sudo make install

Precompiled Packages:
You can add this line in your /etc/apt/sources.list for ubuntu user's:
deb ./

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